About Us

Pacific Ballroom Dance builds character in youth by providing a positive ballroom dance experience.

To provide youth with a positive artistic, social and athletic experience designed to help them be productive community members.

• Fitness
• Leadership
• Inclusiveness
• Respect
• Teamwork
• Excellence
• Dedication


The Pacific Ballroom Dance Performing Company now includes more than 150 dancers on 8 teams of various ages and skill levels (Stars, Preteen, Junior, and Youth)! Dancers learn choreographed “formation” pieces involving many couples. As the largest ballroom dance organization in the Pacific Northwest, these young people serve as ambassadors and positive role models for youth today.



In the PBD Academy, students from K-12th grade receive weekly professionally-guided ballroom dance instruction. Working with partners, students develop interpersonal skillsconfidence, and self-discipline in an environment of mutual respect and fun.



A 10 week 20 session social development program for 5th grade children that utilizes ballroom dancing as a vehicle to change the lives of the children based on a holistic approach to build confidence and team work, stretch creative skills, and support academic excellence.



The Adult & Senior Formation Teams provide adults the opportunity to learn choreography with a group, don the dazzling costumes, and performance for audiences. You would have to travel to Boston to find another performing group like this!



The PBD Adult Academy provides ballroom instruction for beginner to advanced level adult dancers. Classes run in five week sessions year round on weekday evenings. Daytime Tea Dances bring ballroom to our retired community members, and weekend social dances for the public round out the program.


Our Board

Chair/President – Andrew Lear
Vice Chair – Sharon Wolf
Development Chair – Salina Kaylor
Governance Chair – Betty Felker
Trustee – Curtis Leonard
Trustee – Anthony Migliore
Executive Director – Heather Longhurst

Our Staff

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Heather Longhurst
Executive Director

Katie Mecham
Artistic Director
Youth Premier Co-Director

Monique Hrouda
Academy Director
PBD Seattle Director

Cam Briggs
Dancing Classrooms Director

Rick Gossard
Adult Classes Director
Adult & Senior Team Director

Brent Mecham
Youth Premier Co-Director

Adam Lee
Asst Artistic Director
Youth Show Director
Junior Premier Asst. Director
Academy Instructor

Raney Welch
Youth Show Asst. Director
Stars Teams Director

Heather Bryant
Junior Premier Director

Megan Allen
Junior Show Director
Preteen Premier Asst. Director

Beth Dolan
Preteen Premier Director

Erin Briones
Preteen Show Director
Junior Show Asst. Director

Makalya Dolan
Preteen Show Asst. Director

Tabitha Suttle
Dancing Classrooms Teaching Artist

Mary Jane Lee
Studio Manager

Anne Eugenio
Development & Communications Director

Richard Hardesty
Finance Director

Carol Smyres
Administrative Assistant

Melani Hunt
Head Costume Mistress