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October 23-27
Grades PreK-12th Grade


Friday October 27
Pantages Theater – Tacoma


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Pacific Ballroom Dance builds character in youth through a positive ballroom dance experience. Ballroom dance students build friendships, practice mutual respect, assume the positive, value diversity, and become more fit both mentally and physically. PBD promotes and values artistic beauty and human connection for youth and adults. We offer programming for KIDS (age 3 – 3rd grade), YOUTH (4-12th grade), and ADULTS.

Current News from the PBD Blog

Pacific Ballroom Dance Staff Hellos & Goodbyes

Over the last decade PBD has been privileged to employ so many staff members that care deeply about the kids of this program and Beth Dolan is no exception. This year marks her 10th year teaching at PBD and we celebrate her dedication and love for the program and...

Pacific Ballroom Dance Staffing Growth in the 2022-2023 Season

Over the years, PBD has been blessed with people who have become part of the studio’s staff history at just the right time. They come with the skill sets, personalities and gifts that Pacific Ballroom Dance needs and hungers for and not a moment too soon. PBD is such...

PBD Ladies Competition Team Makes an Impact Across the Pacific Northwest

Ladies Competition Team, Portland Open “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” (Harriett Tubman). In Fall 2021, PBD started what would...

The Impact of the Explore Dance Program in a Ballroom Community

Country Guest Instructor, Sequoia NelsonHave you ever heard of the word “assimilation”? According to good ole’ Webster it can mean “the process of becoming similar to something”. Assimilation in the dance community is the ability to pick up choreography quicker and...

Nationals Tips, Tricks & Hacks

By: Amberlyn Jones with contributed support from PBD Parents & PBD Staff Those of us who have been to Nationals a few times are aware that it can be overwhelming the first time; but, as returning veterans more experience brings along smarter ways of not only doing...

The Experiences & Presence of PBD Culture at Nationals

By: Amberlyn Jones, PBD Parent Liaison  As a self-proclaimed “PBD Cheerleader”, there is nothing I anticipate more than watching our dancers take the floor at Nationals again after two long years. I am so grateful for a chance to do it again after the heartbreak of...

Pacific Ballroom Dance First Ever Fall Showcase

Ballroom students of all ages 4th grade and up stepped in front of a cozy audience for the first time since the 2021-2022 season began. PBD’s first ever Fall Showcase on October 23rd was held in a familiar setting for the students in their home studio but nonetheless...

Staffing changes at Pacific Ballroom Dance

Saying hello and goodbye to staff members as they move on to new roles.

Spring Showcase Highlights – Behind the Scenes

Spring Showcase Highlighting the Performers of Pacific Ballroom Dance A special thank you for Erin Jones, Jennifer Wilcox, and Jennifer Maner, volunteer photographers. First things first! Health checks and hand sanitizer!Because of capacity limits at our studio, all...

Spring Showcase Highlights

Spring Showcase Saturday Night Highlighting the Performers of Pacific Ballroom Dance A special thank you for Erin Jones, Jennifer Wilcox, and Jennifer Maner, volunteer photographers.

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