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Youth Leadership Council & Parent Committees

Want to contribute to PBD through volunteering?
Join our Youth Leadership Council or our Parent Committee!

Representing the Voice of PBD Students

MISSION STATEMENT: The purpose of the YCL is to provide student centered perspectives, ideas, and value to better the experience of dancers who are part of the PBD Youth Program. The YLC also provides opportunities for the members of the YLC to express their voice and gain experience that directly affects change for a community of people in a positive way.

Committee Structure

The YLC consists of 2 students per PBD Performing Teams including the following offices:

President • Vice President
Treasurer • Secretary • Members

How Do I Get Involved?

Once the dance season begins and Performing Teams are set, the YLC application will be sent out and meetings will begin sometime in September.

Meeting Information

Fridays 5:30-6:30pm
Held @ The Studio

1x per month • Decided by the Committee’s President

Current Youth Leadership Council Members 2022-23

Emma Mattson – President • Hunter Trujillo – Vice President • Hannah Ratcliff – Secretary • Kinsey Covey – Treasurer
Eli Eugenio • Eve Eugenio • Liya Hale • Megan Henderson • Faith Martin • Brooklyn Poulsen
Ethan Poulson • Marcus Swanson • Moya Udd • Sara Wilcox

Representing the Voice of PBD Families

MISSION STATEMENT: The purpose of the Parent Committee is to serve as representatives for PBD teams to the larger parent community, to help in the planning and execution of dancer-focused events and assist coaches with specific tasks and needs within the committees’ capabilities.

Committee Structure

The Parent Committee ideally consists of members representing each PBD team and includes the following offices:

President • Vice President
Treasurer • Secretary • Members

How Do I Get Involved?

More information and sign-ups will be available at the PBD Family Mixer in September.

Meeting Information

The Parent Committee meeting schedule and times are determined as needed each season.

When to Contact Your Parent Committee Representative

1. If you would like to sign-up to volunteer and help out with tasks related to events.

2. If you have questions that are outside of the information included in the PBD Family Welcome Packet or information distributed by your coach.

3. If you would like to help implement ideas, be part of suggestions or participate in thoughts that may help make PBD an even better organization!

Current Parent Committee Members 2022-23

Amberlyn Jones – President • Holly Trujillo – Vice-President • Victoria Remer – Secretary • Sarah Lockett – Treasurer

Kristel Anderson (Stars) • Emilie Burke (Junior A) • Dillon Eugenio (member) • Lisa Hale (Preteen A) • Colleen Heal (Member) • Marsha Henderson (Junior A) • Annamarie Larson  (Stars) • Sarah Lockett (Youth B) • Christine Mallory (Preteen B) • Bonita Migliore (Member) • Jon Poulson (Junior B) • Beatriz Serrato (Preteen A) • Julie Swanson (Junior A) • Hazuki Tate (Youth A) • Jennifer Wilcox (Youth A)

*For questions and more information about the Youth Leadership Council or the Parent Committee and how you can get involved,
please contact PBD’s Executive Director, Roxanne Nielsen: