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As we look to the future of Pacific Ballroom Dance, we need to be aware of broader trends that could have a material impact on the studio.  One of these trends is the ever-increasing lease rates of building spaces like ours. The functionality of our space is integral to the programs that we offer, and it has enabled us to grow the studio to record levels of enrollment.  Keeping the best interests of our dancers at the forefront, we continue to consider all possible scenarios. This may mean an eventual move to a new space, expanded programming, additional staff, etc.
To help us as we consider a potential move, we have gathered a small team of professionals who are directly involved with PBD to guide, advise, and advocate on our behalf.
To be clear, nothing has been decided in regard to any major changes – either with our physical location or any updates in programming. We are simply trying to keep all of our options open and our finger on the pulse of the real estate game!
Communication on any major updates or any changes will be clear and timely as the situation warrants.
We are happy to field any questions or concerns about anything PBD related!
The Board of Trustees and Parent Liaisons

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