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2021-22 Competiton Team Lists

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Competition Teams

Students can choose to audition for a competition team allowing dancers to participate and travel to various ballroom dance competitions during the competition season. Competition teams are classified by age (Preteen, Junior, Youth) and style (Latin, Ballroom).


  • Auditions 1st week of November, Registration begins November 6th
  • Half Season Teams: November 2021 through March 2022 (5 Months)
  • 1-2 Potential Competitions: Utah Dancesport Challenge (Feb), BYU Nationals (Mar)
  • Competition (Lodging/Travel) fees will be determined per event and are the responsibility of the dancer

Competition Team Audition Schedule & Dances

Auditions for our Competition Teams are quickly approaching. In October there will be a registration form released to sign-up for auditions and to schedule a specific time for your audition within the time blocks given below. Preteen age groups will be asked to demonstrate 1 dance in the style they are auditioning. Junior and Youth dancers will be asked to demonstrate 2 dances in the style they are auditioning as outlined below. Students may audition with the partner of their choice. Dancers may dance syllabus or open routines in the International style. Dancers will be assessed on these criteria: footwork, rhythm, frame, posture, and performance quality. The audition for each style will only be one round.

  • Monday November 1:
    Junior Latin 7-8:00pm (International Cha Cha & Samba)
  • Tuesday November 2:
    Preteen Latin 5:30-6:30pm (International Cha Cha)  
    Youth Latin 8-9:00pm (International Samba & Rumba)
  • Wednesday November 3:
    Junior Ballroom 7-8:00pm (International Waltz & Tango)
  • Thursday November 4:
    Preteen Ballroom 5:30-6:30pm (International Waltz)
    Youth Ballroom 8-9:00pm (International Waltz & Quickstep)

Youth Team Summaries

Junior Team Summaries

Preteen Team Summaries

Youth Competition Teams

Junior Competition Teams

Preteen Competition Teams