Academy Classes 2022-23

Academy classes are designed to teach ballroom dance steps and technique.


The goals of the academy program are to introduce the basic steps of ballroom dances, help dancers gain a basic understanding of ballroom vocabulary, develop correct poise, posture, dance frame, footwork, and timing, and learn respect and communication skills with a dance partner.


  • Tuition is for a Full Season (11 Months).
  • Students will be evaluated by their instructor & the Academy Director and will be advanced when they are prepared. 
  • Most levels take at least ONE year to complete.
  • 2nd Academy class is 25% off (Cabaret class is exempt from this discount). 

Key Dates 2022-23 Season

These are proposed dates and are subject to change.

Program Offerings/Descriptions 2022-23 Season


Every week, PBD has a specific time dedicated to students to practice their routines in the Ballroom, Latin and Smooth styles. This is a great time to solidify routines students are learning in class and dance through them with music. A partner is encouraged but not required. A second set of rounds will be offered during the heavy competition season.

FREE to PBD Students • $10 drop-in for visiting dancers • Grades: 4-12

International Academy Classes

Additional Academy Classes