PBD Youth Programs

Academy Classes & Formation Teams

PRETEEN 4th-6th Grade • JUNIOR 7-9th Grade • YOUTH 10-12th Grade

Academy Classes

Academy classes are designed to teach ballroom dance steps and technique.


The goals of the academy program are to introduce the basic steps of ballroom dances, help dancers gain a basic understanding of ballroom vocabulary, develop correct poise, posture, dance frame, footwork, and timing, and learn respect and communication skills with a dance partner.


  • Tuition is for a Full Season (11 Months).
  • Students will be evaluated by their instructor & the Academy Director and will be advanced when they are prepared. 
  • Most levels take at least ONE year to complete.
  • 2nd Academy class is 1/2 price. 

International Academy Classes

Additional Academy Classes

Formation Performing Teams

A ballroom formation team consists of dance partnerships dancing a choreographed number, usually expressing a story and/or combining multiple ballroom dance styles. Students will learn how to be a good teammate, make friends and create long lasting memories on a PBD Formation Team! PBD Performing Teams have many opportunities to perform in various ways throughout the year, including community performances and participating in PBD’s concerts and showcases held throughout the year. 

  • Auditions Aug 4-5 & Jan 2022
  • Annual Membership Fee can be paid starting July 19th
  • Full Season Teams: August 2021 to June 2022 (11 Months)
  • Main performances in Oct, Dec, Mar, & June. Additional shows may be added during the season
  • FAMILY DISCOUNT – 50% off the 3rd Child’s team tuition

Youth Performing Teams

Junior Performing Teams

Preteen Performing Teams

Competition Teams

Students can choose to audition for a competition team allowing dancers to participate and travel to various ballroom dance competitions during the competition season. Competition teams are classified by age (Preteen, Junior, Youth) and style (Latin, Ballroom).


  • Auditions 1st week of November, Registration begins November 6th
  • Half Season Teams: Mid-November 2021 through Mid-April 2022 (5 Months)
  • 1-3 Potential Competitions: Utah Dancesport Challenge (Feb), BYU Nationals (Mar), Extreme DanceSport Invitational (Apr)
  • Competition (Lodging/Travel) fees will be determined per event and are the responsibility of the dancer

Youth Competition Teams

Junior Competition Teams

Preteen Competition Teams