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Academy & Syllabus Documents

Overview of Academy Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most academy questions can be answered in the PBD Family Welcome Packet found HERE,
but here are a few shortcuts to some frequent questions..

What are medals exams?

During medals exams, the students will be asked to dance their class routines with a partner of their choice as well as answer questions about the steps and dances. If they receive a passing score, they will be cleared to move up. There is an extra cost for these exams that varies depending on the age and skill level being tested. 

There are no medals exams necessary moving from Newcomer to Bronze 1 (that decision will be left to the discretion of the Class Instructor and Academy Director). 

When are exams held?

When recommended to move up, it is the student’s/ parent’s responsibility to schedule an exam at the front desk. Exams will be held in December and the June. Exact dates will be announced when they become available.

How do I progress to the next level?

Moving to a higher skill level class is at the discretion of the Class Instructor and our Academy Director. When a student has demonstrated the required skill level, knowledge of figures, and class participation/attitude to move up, the instructor will recommend (through progress reports) that the student take Medals Exams.

Students will be recommended to move up based solely on their own merit/class participation, without regard to friends, family, or competition partners’ current class level. Every student is unique and learns at a different pace. Each has different strengths and weaknesses, and need to achieve a certain level before they are recommended to move up.

As such, it is unwise to compare students’ levels and the speed of progression with others. Academy Staff will not discuss other student’s progress with people other than the student, their parents, and other PBD staff when necessary. We hope that families will adopt the same policy and help us build a supportive and friendly environment at PBD.

What is the difference between “academy” & “syllabus”?

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How do I find a competitive partner?

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How long does it usually take to advance from level to level?

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Are there opportunities for solo ladies?

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What are Rounds?

Every week, PBD has a specific time dedicated to students to practice their routines in the Ballroom, Latin and Smooth styles. This is call Rounds. This is FREE and a great time to solidify the routines students are learning in class and dance through them with music. A partner is encouraged but not required. A second set of rounds will be offered during the heavy competition season.