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Over the years, PBD has been blessed with people who have become part of the studio’s staff history at just the right time. They come with the skill sets, personalities and gifts that Pacific Ballroom Dance needs and hungers for and not a moment too soon. PBD is such a special place as it ebbs and flows as if it were living and breathing. And like anything living and breathing it grows and its people grow in many different ways.

This year PBD officially welcomed a brand new staff member, Colleen Heal. Colleen brings her love for people, dance, teaching and her dedication to the students at PBD. 

“While other kids played dolls and dress up my best friend and I spent all of our recesses and weekends choreographing and teaching dances to our friends for all the school assemblies and talent shows we could find.  

I was a school teacher and did event planning, but always on the side I taught dance. Mostly just for the fun of it. It was my indulgence or outlet. Since I was no longer dancing myself, I enjoyed choreographing and teaching others.”

PBD has also welcomed back Lynne Boudreaux to the staffing team this season. Lynne has a special history at PBD and has been on staff in the past but for the last few years has only taught private lessons. We are happy to have her back on staff!

“I’m very excited to be getting back to teaching group classes and…to know the kids as individuals through the group classes. I got to know some students (through private lessons) but I really missed knowing the kids by name and about them.”

She brings so much life, humor, organization, fun and love for each student to her classes at PBD.

Alex Olivares is also no exception to these incredible people. He arrived in 2020 and brought such vision, enthusiasm and a strong unwavering work ethic into all that he did and continues to do. His incredible patience and professionalism has allowed the adult program at PBD to thrive and continue to grow. His passion has allowed his endeavors to flourish and because of this, Alex has decided to step down as PBD’s Adult Program Director to pursue his other ambitions. 

“I am planning on focusing on my design business as well as continuing to work with my pro/am students. I will still be at the studio teaching in these roles. I hope to continue to be a source of support to this amazing organization.”  

Alex will be missed as the Director of the Adult program but we are excited to announce that Rick Gossard will be joining the PBD staff starting in January and leading the Adult Program as Director with much anticipation. He thanks Alex for his contribution to the program and looks forward to working with him in the future. Welcome back to the team Rick!