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Hello and Goodbye
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New positions at
Pacific Ballroom dance
Raney Welch

Raney Welch

Communications Specialist

As the Communications Specialist, Raney will help create access to Pacific Ballroom Dance by bringing awareness to information about the organization including PBD’s programming, events and experiences. “I’m most excited about sharing what PBD has to offer by working alongside other PBD staff helping to communicate those ideas and visions in a tangible way,” said Raney. She will oversee email communication, social media, and website maintenance, among other things.

Raney first came to PBD when she bought a Groupon for an adult class! She is an experienced dancer and children’s dance instructor in many styles and teaches strength and fitness classes. Raney has been working as a dance instructor at Pacific Ballroom Dance for three and a half years and will also take on new roles this year as the Assistant Director for Preteen A Performing Team, and the Youth C Performing Team. She will continue as the director of the kids ballroom dance teams, teach technique classes and will be available for private lessons and personal training. 

Adam Lee

Adam Lee

Director of Outreach

As the Director of Outreach, Adam will work to bring ballroom dance out into the greater community, and will also work to bring new dancers into the studio. He will partner with other local organizations like the YMCA, public schools, and community centers to coordinate free performances, classes, and learning opportunities.  “If you have any ideas about other organizations that might like to connect with what we do, please let me know!” Adam will be coordinating the Saturday Explore Dance series, bringing in guest instructors and creating opportunities for first time dancers to try ballroom every month. 

Adam has been a coach for six years at Pacific Ballroom Dance and has had many roles, including assistant artistic director. He will continue as a private lesson and academy instructor and will coach junior and youth performing and competition teams. He will also be competing with his partner Rachel in American Smooth events at local competitions locally and nationally. 

Other internal staffing changes for the 2021-22 season

Brent Mecham and Landon Anderson will teach a new cabaret or “theater arts” class. This class focus on developing strength, artistry, and technique for lifts and tricks. Both Brent and Landon are former cabaret competitors.

Hannah Anderson will be coaching the new Adult Ladies Formation Team on Saturdays. Monique Hrouda will coach the Adult Formation Team on Monday nights. 

Saying GOodbye to
Megan and Anne

Saying Goodbye to Megan and Anne

Megan Allen

Megan Allen

Former Junior Show Team Director

Megan Allen has been a force at PBD for the last 5 years. She knows how to command a room full of young dancers, line them up for competition, square them away, and encourage them at the same time. She has had many roles at PBD, starting as a pre-bronze syllabus instructor. She was the Preteen Premier assistant director for many years and most recently directed the Junior Show team. At the recent concert, her team performed a waltz of her creation entitled “Tribute,” which brought audiences to tears. 

Megan’s favorite experience as the Junior Show team director was her very first year. “When I was hired, they told me, ‘We specifically want you because we want to take JS to Nationals for the first time.’ It was really fulfilling to take the kids and see them dance on the Nationals floor.”

Megan is traveling with her husband and young family to a new military assignment in the fall, as yet unknown to them! Good luck with your adventures Megan!

Anne Eugenio

Anne Eugenio

Former Communications and Development Specialist

“I have grown as a professional and as an individual in ways I could never have imagined when I started at Pacific Ballroom Dance four and a half years ago,” said Anne. “This has been the best team I have ever been a part of. I love the staff, the kids, and the parents!”

Anne has been called “The Solution,” for her willingness to do whatever work is required to support the programming at PBD.  Her go-to slogans are “See a need, fill a need,” and “Make a plan, follow the plan.” Anne has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars on behalf of PBD. She has worked on countless committees, created hundreds of social media posts, emails, and press releases, and written dozens of grants. She organized volunteers and fundraising events, parties, grand opening celebrations, and created many new programs and systems.

Anne will be attending PLU in the fall, working towards a masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She will continue as a volunteer on the Development Team.