By giving to the PBD scholarship fund, you provide young people with opportunities to create deep connections with themselves, each other, and adult mentors. They become creators of beauty and art. A gift to the scholarship fund is a gift of all the intangibles of this world that make life rich, full, and beautiful. Read the stories of three brothers who have been impacted by the scholarship program at PBD.



I have been dancing since I was 5 ½ years old, on Kids Team with Ms. Chantel. I loved dancing with Ms. Chantel, and Mr. Michael and the friends that I made on team. Some of my best friends are from PBD. I have worked really hard to get better and to pay attention in class, and now I am on Preteen Premier! I am excited for my first trip to Nationals this year!

My favorite thing about dance is my friends and the relationships I have made. I love being on stage and showing off. Dancing makes me feel happy and I love making people smile. I can’t imagine life without Dance and PBD! And I hope I never have to find out what that is like!


I have been dancing since I was 8 years old. I started dancing because my big brother Malakai loved dance so much [that] I wanted to be a part of it too. I want to make Malakai proud by becoming a great dancer.

My first team was the Kids Team. Ms. Chantel was my coach. I was one of the oldest kids on the team and so Ms. Chantel asked me to help and be a leader. In my first show, I got to do a lift with Miriam, and it made me feel important and strong.

My first time at Nationals was kinda scary at first because there were sooo many people! But it was also fun and exciting! Our first year of Preteen Premier, the medley I was in, Coco, got 1st place in 2nd division! It was so exciting to come home with a medal our first year!

Scholarships have helped my family to be able to keep 3 kids in the program so that my brothers and I can dance. PBD’s scholarship program has made it possible for me to become a better dancer, a better friend and a better person.

At nine years old I was completely entranced watching my first Pacific Ballroom Dance concert. The grace, beauty, movement, the excitement, the way the dancers drew in the audience. I wanted to be a part of this life, this stage, this show. Today, I am in my 7th season dancing on a Formation Team with PBD. I have been in 12 Concerts so far, and been to Nationals twice.
We’ve gone through some major ups and downs in the years I have been dancing with PBD. My family has known times when we have had more than enough, and were able to contribute to the scholarship program and help others, and there have been times, and years, that without scholarships I would not have been able to continue my dream of dancing. Without a scholarship, in some of my darkest times, I would have lost the support that I so desperately needed and the community that I depend on to push me to be a better person and to succeed. PBD was my lifeline, and gave me the confidence to push through the tough times. If it weren’t for the scholarship program I would not be where I am today.
Scholarships make it possible for kids who would not be able to be a part of this amazing program to experience the positive environment at PBD, learn great social skills, and have fun in a supportive program. I have been in the position to help others, I have fundraised for my needs, I have had scholarships, tuition assistance through my schooling, and am now working at McDonalds to pay my way through dance. I have experience from every side, and am grateful for the gift of dance, however that package is wrapped!

There are so many kids out there who just need a chance, and just need a community to support and believe in them. Dance can, and does make a difference in so many lives. I have watched it change people, friends of mine, my brothers, and myself. I wouldn’t want to live in a world without dance, and I want to share my world with everyone I can.