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Pacific Ballroom Dance presented their second virtual concert live via vimeo on Saturday, December 12th at 7pm. Viewers gathered from across to country to support Pacific Ballroom Dance dancers in their concert from the comfort of their own homes. We watched as families gathered in Christmas pajamas and fuzzy socks, popped their popcorn and ate treats while watching the hard work of the PBD community come to fruition.

In fact, there was such a demand for the show that an encore performance is scheduled for December 19th at 6pm PST.

The performance was nothing short of magical as some PBD students had filmed their routines back in October and had waited 3 months to see the final product! Pacific Ballroom staff has worked tirelessly to produce quality dance videos with long editing sessions and long nights of choreography changes to make the routines adhere to the COVID guidelines with the result being nothing short of spectacular. Social media posts and individual text messages to those involved raved of the creativity and light that was brought to each home as the concert lovingly bookended a challenging year for everyone. Messages poured out from viewers who thanked PBD for a dose of humanity and hope for good things to come in the coming year. The truth of it all is that the light and joy that was felt in each home that viewed the concert was brought by the dancers and youth of Pacific Ballroom Dance. Their endless dedication and desire to bring happiness to 2020 is what shone through the screen and touched so many hearts.

A beloved PBD supporter stated, “I was feeling bad for the kids, especially the seniors because they weren’t going to get the full experience of ballroom dancing because of the virus. Instead, they got a unique experience that should be equally fulfilling (in spite of there being no applause), as it had to push them beyond what they thought they could accomplish and produce such an astounding work of art. They should be very proud of themselves, as I was proud of them.”

Cheers to all for an incredible concert experience and thank you to all who purchased a ticket, aiding PBD, the arts and the youth of Pacific Ballroom.