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Press Release

Pacific Ballroom Dance to Perform “Rise” Spring Concert

by May 20, 2018

Media contact: Anne Eugenio • Mobile: 253.507.3461 • email:

Pacific Ballroom Dance (PBD) performs its annual spring concert, “Rise,” on June 1st and 2nd at the Auburn Performing Arts Center, 702 4th St. NE. Evening performances begin at 7 pm each night with an additional 2 pm matinee on Saturday.

PBD’s mission to build character in youth is reflected in the concert theme, “Rise.” “We were inspired by the Japanese proverb, ‘fall seven, rise eight,’” said Artistic Director Katie Mecham. “We want our dancers and our audience to be moved to work, persevere, and allow for failure as a path for growth.”

The 130 dancers, age seven to nineteen, will perform all varieties of Ballroom and Latin dance. From a Tango set to Phantom of the Opera, to a whimsical Viennese Walt danced with giant red balloons, the young dancers perform with professionalism that belies their age

With this concert, PBD celebrates 15 years as non-profit organization dedicated to bringing dance and performing arts to local youth. To celebrate this milestone, PBD alumni will join current PBD dancers on stage to perform a Broadway inspired piece set to Hamilton’s “Found Tonight.”

The concert will also feature the formation medleys of PBD’s nationally competing teams. For over a decade, PBD has traveled around the western United States to participate in high school and junior high formation team competitions. For the first time this year, PBD brought an elementary team to these competitions. This pre-teen team will perform both of their medley’s at the spring concert.

Pacific Ballroom Dance (PBD) began in 1994 as a small, local youth club with a goal to provide young teens with the opportunity to build respectful social skills, self-esteem, fitness and teamwork. In 2003, PBD became a 501©3 non-profit organization with a mission to build character in youth by providing a positive ballroom dance experience. Today, PBD is a thriving youth dance education studio based in Auburn, Washington, serving more than 1000 students annually from age 10-18 from throughout the Puget Sound area. MISSION Pacific Ballroom Dance builds character in youth by providing a positive ballroom dance experience.

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