What is Explore Dance?

Explore Dance is a 4-week rotating workshop series created to give students a way to experience mutliple dance styles. Each series has a one-hour class/dance style to choose from. Explore classes are held on Fridays from 6:00-7:00pm. Each 3 or 4-week session costs $40-$50/series, or drop-in for $15/class. 

Made Possible by Support from the City of Auburn.

The Impact of the Explore Dance Program in a Ballroom Community

Have you ever heard of the word “assimilation”? According to good ole’ Webster it can mean “the process of becoming similar to something”. Assimilation in the dance community is the ability to pick up choreography quicker and …

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Explore Dance Series Schedule

Fall 2022 Schedule

3 or 4 Week Series Exploring Different Dance Styles

Contemporary • Aug 12-26 (3 Weeks)

6-7:00pm • Ages 10+ • $40/month or $15/class
Instructor: Ashley Merritt

Hip Hop • Sept 2-23

6-7:00pm • Ages 10+ • $50/month or $15/class
Instructor: Landon Anderson

Tahitian • Oct 1-22

6-7:00pm • Ages 10+ • $50/month or $15/class
Instructor: Nanave Radford

Ballet • Nov 5-19 (3 Weeks)

6-7:00pm • Ages 10+ • $40/3 Weeks or $15/class
Instructor: Bennyroyce Royon