Newly remodeled studio is open and ready for dancing.


On January 4th, Pacific Ballroom Dance opened the new expanded and remodeled studio space with a ribbon cutting and grand opening celebration. Auburn Mayor Nancy Backus and Executive Director Heather Longhurst held the oversized scissors while staff and board members supported the the ribbon on either side. 

Large additional Studio Space

The studio expansion allows for more teams, more classes, and more special events and those things center around a large 4th studio space. This new area also includes a changing area for both men and women, and a workstation for the costume mistress for costuming. 

Large lobby with many gathering areas

The new lobby at Pacific Ballroom dance features a table for small group gatherings, a large welcome desk, window seating, and seating with cubbies for student gear in addition to the homework station. The old lobby could accommodate six seated comfortably; The new lobby can comfortably seat 24 or more. Parent volunteer McKenzie Dickson helped with the design and students all took turns painting. Other important additions include a glass double door connecting the old and new studio spaced and lighting above each gathering area. 

Welcome Desk and Office Space

A beautiful new custom made welcome desk perches at the center of the new lobby as well as a custom homework table and window table (all Eagle Scout projects, scroll down for more info). The Executive Director’s office is down the hall and three additional office spaces will eventually become available for staff use.  

Kitchen and Dining

Staff and students who need to fuel up during breaks between classes can do so in the large kitchen area which contains a full-size fridge, microwave, double sink, water dispenser, plenty of storage, and areas to eat. This space will help make large special events and showcases an important part of a new, expanded PBD program schedule.

Staff Lounge

There was never any complaining from what must be the most pleasant and flexible staff around, but these 18 staff members all shared one small office space for administrative work, breaks, small meetings, and storage. The new staff lounge is roomy, cheerful, and comfortable. 

Conference Room

The conference room will be used for board meetings, staff meetings, youth Leadership council, and committee meetings of all kinds. 

Homework Area

The homework station was conceived and created by a small group of parent donors who wanted students to have a quiet corner of the lobby dedicated to study. Many kids make the studio a second home and must hit the book in between classes. 

Made possible by the power of volunteers

How can the largest studio space dedicated to youth ballroom be completely remodeled and ready to open in just one month’s time? With hundreds of volunteers of course! A special thanks to Eagle scouts Brandon Maner and Mason Hunt and their families for the front desk, mirrors, benches, and a hundred other details. Alumni, parents, students, and staff donated hundreds of hours of labor and other resources. 

One year later: How the studio expansion saved PBD

The rush remodel and move in to a new studio space seemed a little crazy, one year ago. Some questioned, why the rush? But without our expansion, PBD would never have been able to operate during COVID-19. Click below to read more.