On Wednesday, May 30th at 12:51 and 12:53pm, Hazel and Ivy were born to Junior Premier coach Heather Bryant and her husband Heath. Heather was able to carry the babies for 38 weeks, which is two weeks longer than average for twins. Heather said, “After 48 hours of labor and a C-section, both babies were born big and healthy. We feel so blessed”. At 7lbs 8oz and 7lbs, Hazel and Ivy certainly were big. That’s nearly 15 pounds of baby! “I was able to ‘dance’ up to 38 weeks when the girls were born. Most of the time my demonstrations turned into team laughter as my big belly didn’t allow for a true representation of the movement I was giving instructions on. But, the team members were good sports,” she said.

Heather can already tell her babies apart just by listening to them. “Ivy has a dainty whiney cry, and Hazel’s is more raspy. I can tell who is upset from the other room by the sound of their cry.” Heather reports that Ivy is taking after her dad with his nose and hair color and Hazel looks more like her Mamma with lighter color hair and similar face shape. “Occasionally I spot Ivy pointing her toes so if I have any chance of one of them becoming a dancer, it’s probably her!” said Heather.

Heather’s babies were born just two days before concert so she had to watch her team perform through little videos and social media posts. “I’m so sad I couldn’t make it (to the show) but so grateful we have technology to stay connected. I love this team and am so proud of them!” Heather knew she could count on her team and her assistant coach Adam Lee. “Adam was instrumental in JP’s success this year as he did everything a pregnant dance coach can’t or shouldn’t do. The team was super prepared and responsible going into concert. We walked through every hairpiece and necktie so that they were well prepared and I didn’t have to worry about them during the week I was in the hospital.” By the time auditions rolled around, and the babies were nearly a month old, Heather was ready to be back at the studio. “I was able to participate and direct auditions and feel successful with many new changes to the process,” she said.


Heather is looking forward to team starting up again in August. “The girls will get Tuesdays and Thursday nights with daddy,” she said. “I look forward to coaching because it will be important to have ‘my thing’ where I can enjoy dance and influence young dancers in a positive way. My experiences with motherhood may even shape the way I coach with a fresh new perspective.”
“We love both of them so much and are so glad they have safely joined our family,” said Heather. “Thanks to my PBD family for the love and support through pregnancy and beyond!