August 5th marked our grand kickoff to a brand new season at Pacific Ballroom Dance, and there is no time like the present to get inspired! Between our Youth Programs, Adult Programs Social Dances and Outreach, PBD’s upcoming programming has a little something for everyone to enjoy. Ballroom dance is an inspired art form, and its energy is contagious!

Have you ever had the kind of day where things just don’t seem to be on your side at all? It’s easy to transform that downward momentum and step up into the exciting world of ballroom dance. Enjoying an enhanced frame of mind is just one wonderful excuse to get out and try something new. Participation in ballroom dance on every level is a rewarding experience, whether you are in class, on stage in the spotlight, or watching in awe as an audience member.

Ballroom dance presents a wonderful opportunity to meet and mingle with other adventurous types like yourself, whether you are attached or flying solo. Ballroom dance is an energizing, uplifting creative outlet for people from all walks of life. If ever you have loathed the idea of going to the gym or procrastinated about that jog around the neighborhood, you can discover a whole new world of physical fitness with ballroom dance. In place of dread, discover a sense of anticipation for your next class, social dance, or performance. We’ve all heard about the benefits of getting that heart rate up, and experiencing that with a partner and in a group is simply inspiring (no partner necessary!). 

So check out all that we have to offer this coming season at Pacific Ballroom Dance!