Dancing is good for you!

According to recent video summary by Psychology Today, new scientific studies show that dancing leads to:
• Increase in social skills and confidence
• Increase in self-awareness and mindfulness
• Decrease in Stress hormones and depression

…which makes you happier!

A study taken by the University of Derby showed that depressed patients who were prescribed dancing, experienced significantly improved moods. This is because dance is a combination of exercise, social interaction, and learning new skills.

In Germany, a study revealed that tango dancers had less stress hormones and more testosterone. They said they felt sexier and more relaxed.

The University of England discovered that after participants spent 6 months learning to dance they had less depression and anxiety.

American Dance Therapy Association says that dancing lifts the body to an open, optimistic posture and expressing yourself physically promotes positive thinking.

Dancing can lead to a healthier happier you! Come learn to dance!