Let’s face it: in certain circles, dance can be considered a kind of pursuit that’s reserved exclusively for girls. But in ballroom dance, the game is changed. As a partner dance, all those ladies need someone to dance with to balance out the floor. 

If you are intrigued, read on. As a young man who may be considering ballroom dance, here are some serious advantages for you:

  • Join a Distinct Few Who Carry on the Valuable Tradition of Etiquette: Traditionally, ballroom dance calls for an even ratio between ladies and gents. Back in previous centuries, many of the dances were a form of courtship and community-building events.
  • Earn Major Gentleman Points: The skills and values you will learn while participating in ballroom dance will carry you through all through life, and they will impress more than a few along the way. Learn more about yourself and how to treat others with dignity and respect.
  • Develop that Sleek Physique: Dancers of all shapes and sizes will benefit from the rigorous athleticism of dancing. Ballroom dance has all the benefits of sports and exercise, but less of that falling-down-in-the-mud thing.
  • Be Celebrated Just for Being You: At Pacific Ballroom Dance, we welcome dancers from all walks of life. We embrace each others’ individuality for the good of the whole group. 
  • One final perk: Last but certainly not least, break the ice and dance with those ladies! When you are in ballroom dance, you have no other choice. The men of ballroom dance have the honor of showcasing the ladies’ talents, while at the same time shining with their own. You will be a frame to the lady’s picture, and you will each light up the room with your own unique skills. So what are you waiting for? 

Ballroom dance simply would not be the thriving art form that it is without boys stepping up and actively participating. Don’t be shy… register for class today!