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Nationals 2017: An Outside Perspective

Every year for the past six years, on a single night in the beginning of March, I consistently had a hard time falling asleep. Why? Because the next day I would embark on a journey that would require all the mind, body, and soul that I had: Dancesport Nationals with a...

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Mission & Values video

We are so excited to share our new mission and values video! If you’ve ever wanted to easily share the vision behind Pacific Ballroom Dance, we hope that you’ll send them a link to this video!

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PBD is moving to year-round teams

Dear PBD Families, I am writing to announce an important change to our program. Beginning this year, we will be moving to a year-round program. This means that after June tryouts, our 17-18 teams will begin rehearsals for the season on June 26th rather than in...

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The CORE of Ballroom Dance

Unlike soccer or football, ballroom dancing is rarely considered a sport. Yet dancing places a lot of athletic demands on your body. A good ballroom dancer needs more than proper technique for the varying styles of dance, they also perform rigorous movements and steps...

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